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The Common Denominator

This is something I’ve always simply assumed (and yes, I know the definition of assume) everybody thought this way, the statement “if everyone around is wrong, you might want to look within” is a given!  Let’s back up just a little, and let me tell you where this started. I have coached and trained automotive professionals for about 18 years now, and one of the issues I occasionally run into is one person dictating how everyone around them should do things.  These are usually people who use the old size 12 method of working (controlling) with people, you know, “do it or I’ll bury my foot up your”……well you get the point.  What I have also noted when working or simply observing these personality types, is that they are never wrong.  Come on, we’ve all experienced these people at some point in our lives!   Anyway, I wanted to bring a observation to the table here; in general, You can’t possibly ... read more