• The Owners Job!?

    Monday 02 July 2018

    OK, so you’re the Owner of “Your Repair Facility”, now what?  This article is going to look at, “Working IN your Business or Working ON your Business” and all the idiosyncrasies that entails. First we’ll start with those of you who prefer to work “IN” the business.  These business owners typically tend to work as Service Advisors by day and Owners by night after everything is shut down and somewhat quiet.  In this scenario the owner... read more

  • AAA Inspections and You!

    Friday 01 June 2018

    RayKunz ENTERPRISES LLC Presents Creative Automotive Management Solutions 2/2/2018 Ref; AAA Inspections and You! Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening Everyone             AAA, everyone... read more


    Thursday 03 May 2018

    BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE Part 2 This is the continuation story I promised when I wrote the original “Bad Things Happen To Good People” and although this story will continue on for years, this is the part where it starts getting better…. let’s recap: One of the facilities I coach and train with recently brought a car into the shop for a starting issue that had yet to be diagnosed or inspected for the cause of the customer complaint and as t... read more


    Monday 02 April 2018

    I was going to a facility to let a Service Advisor go (terminate him) and as I thought about the words I would say and how this was going to go, I realized that maybe there was a chance to save him.  Maybe I could teach him to be better on the phone….. maybe? Let me start at the beginning here, you see we have just started getting the taped phone conversations between our clients (the automotive facilities) and their clients.  And the one thing that I heard repeatedly through t... read more

  • The Power of Kudos' or At-A-Boys

    Friday 02 March 2018

    Maybe you started out as a one man operation, as a lot of us did.  But then you started getting behind….further and further until you decided you needed to hire someone to help with the day-to-day operations.  Whether that person or persons were hired as Technicians, Service Writers, or Shop Helpers, in almost every case we needed someone else to help us grow our business.  This article is about them, those individuals we call, employees! As a former employee as many of yo... read more