• Not My Monkey, Not My Circus

    Friday 03 November 2017

    Almost every day I hear a story of a real world event called taking ownership.  Now although there are many different things spoken about when this is the subject line, they all center around one basic concept, that we somehow are or are not responsible for other people’s issues.  For the purposes of this article we are only going to cover why we (shop Owners/Managers) take responsibility or ownership for our customer’s vehicles issue. Where is this coming from you ask? &n... read more

  • Take Time Off…… or Bad Things Can Happen!!!

    Monday 02 October 2017

    Easy to say, easier to preach, but to do it requires a discipline most owners don’t possess.  Most great owners and managers (the ones I work with) are some of the best at making sure their employees are taken care of, my Team included!  What makes them great with their employees is that they truly care about them and as such they encourage weekends away and full on vacations, “down time”!   And the “day here, day there” use of vacations does not real... read more


    Friday 01 September 2017

    So, let me ask you a question, do you believe that if you perform business both morally and ethically everything will be OK?  Sure, you also need to make a reasonable profit, have a great crew, have a good reputation but then everything will be OK, right?  Well, occasionally it takes more, much more! Have you ever brought a vehicle into your facility for electrical issues for what you expected to be a starting or charging system issue, it gets late and you realize you have to keep it... read more

  • The Common Denominator

    Thursday 03 August 2017

    This is something I’ve always simply assumed (and yes, I know the definition of assume) everybody thought this way, the statement “if everyone around is wrong, you might want to look within” is a given!  Let’s back up just a little, and let me tell you where this started. I have coached and trained automotive professionals for about 18 years now, and one of the issues I occasionally run into is one person dictating how everyone around them should do things.  Th... read more

  • Warranty

    Monday 03 July 2017

    Warranty More specifically, warranty costs! Warranty costs everyone!  It costs the customer time, and it costs us direct and indirect money.  Direct money is the money we spend to cover the parts and labor associated with any warranty.  Indirect refers to the costs of a Tech NOT being able to work on anything else while he is handling a warranty, and indirect costs can be more harmful to a business than anyone would ever expect! Indirect costs... read more