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Ray KUNZ - Owner, Senior Automotive Coach, Consultant and Operations Specialist
Owner, Senior Automotive Coach
Consultant & Operations Specialist


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With more than 38 years of experience as a Technician, Service Advisor, Service Manager, General Manager, Automotive Business Owner and now as one of the Premier Automotive Business Coach & Consultant specialists, Ray brings not only a unique skill set to the table, but also a perspective that most simply don't have. It was through these attributes that his company, Ray Kunz Enterprises LLC was born. And looking at the struggles that today's Automotive Businesses face, he conceived, designed and built the Automotive Coaching and Training (ACT) Group.

Ray specializes in training Automotive Owners, Managers and Service Advisors in Internal Procedures, Work Flow, People Management and today's relevant issues! His unique training style provides management assistance through a program of personalized, In-Shop and Phone Support attention. Staying dedicated to helping each achieve the kind of professionalism in business performance and positive change to their businesses has earned Ray the worthy reputation as "The Professional's Professional!"


Rena RENNEBOHM | Automotive Coaching and TrainingContact me: [email protected]

As a wife, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, and a friend to many, when not gardening or cooking Rena is working her chosen trade, Coaching Service Advisors across the country.

Rena's automotive career started from almost birth, as her father spent most of his life in the automotive industry. With over a decade of Service Advisor experience, from the independent side of the business to the dealership side and back, she has seen and dealt with just about anything and everything! And after becoming proficient as a Service Advisor, she moved to the Coaching & Training side of the automotive industry. As a matter of fact, Rena was so good at the Service side that she was contacted by a couple of the biggest Automotive Training companies in the industry, and asked to train for them. Her experience in Coaching and Training Service Advisors has allowed many, many facilities to not only build their total sales exponentially, it has helped build on the NET profits as well. Rena's passion for teaching how to build the Customers Experience had led her to where she is today, the Premier Service Advisor Trainer of this century...maybe beyond!

"I love to garden, cook, do yoga, go hiking, and take long walks. My favorite thing in life is people. I love people and I truly love helping them in any way that I can!"


Kevin DONOHOE | Automotive Coaching and Training

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"Our clients are the true hero's of this story! And our purpose is to serve them."

Kevin's automotive story began in 1966 (when he was six years old), and when he discovered the thrill of working on cars and equipment with his neighbor Mr. C. Mr. C. taught Kevin to appreciate how things work, the value of asking questions and the thrill of discovering the answers. By the time Kevin was ten, he was fixing the neighbors’ lawn mower engines, sharpening mower blades and repairing go carts and mini bikes. It didn’t take long for Kevin to realize, even at a young age that he had found his passion!

Kevin studied automotive technology in high school, and while attending the automotive technology program at De Anza College, he knew that he wanted to open his own shop. At the ripe old age of 21 and with some help from family, he and his college roommate bought Richardson’s Automotive Service in downtown San Jose and has never looked back.

It is the mix of creativity, craftsmanship and technology that Kevin finds so appealing about this industry – it is truly his inspiration, and that inspiration continues to this day. 


Doug HENRY | Automotive Coaching and Training

As a young child Doug knew his future was with automobiles. His passion for watching auto racing and tinkering had him constantly making his bicycle faster, then his go cart faster, and eventually making every car he could get his hands on, faster. After graduating High School, Doug attended Universal Technical Institute (UTI), where he received the highest honors, and with a 4.0 gpa returned home to a job working at a local car dealership. After 7 successful years in the dealership environment, he felt he could do more to better serve the customers and decided to start his own Automotive Repair Facility. Eighteen years later, his passion for racing and repairing cars is only matched by his passion for helping others! Which is why after being a client of RK Enterprises, now The Automotive Coaching & Training Group—The ACT Group for ten years, and experiencing most everything they had to offer, he decided to come aboard to help other Shop owners, just like himself on their journey to success.

And now, Doug Henry, a husband of more than 20 years, a father of 3 teenagers, a never ending seeker of knowledge and the owner of a very successful Automotive Facility, D&K Automotive in Antioch CA has joined the coaching & training side of the automotive industry and—The ACT Group!!


Ryan Tunison | Automotive Coaching and Training

Being an Automotive Business owner himself, Ryan Tunison brings a unique and fresh perspective to The Automotive Coaching & Training (ACT) Group and all of his clients. His talents in communication and customer service have been honed razor sharp throughout his years at the service counter of his own shop. To sharpen his talents, Ryan took on the task of writing Temporary Service, building his skill set and education in many other facilities while filling a need within the industry.

Ryan understands the difficult demands every business owner faces daily, and has helped develop programs to combat today’s varied issues. From poor economic situations, and employee development, Ryan has proven time and time again that he has what it takes to be successful in today’s automotive environment. While working almost 2 full-time jobs, Coaching & Training and his own Automotive Business, Ryan still finds the time to be a great husband and father of two sons, now that’s dedication!


Jude Larson | Automotive Coaching and Training

The Automotive Coaching and Training Group (ACT) would like to introduce the final piece of their business puzzle; Jude Larson! Going forward, Jude's company JML Real Solutions and The ACT Group will be partnering and collaborating on multiple projects for years to come. Jude brings his incredible presentation experience, his skills as a trainer and his skill at finding, testing and delivering "Rock Star Employees" for your facility to The ACT Group's table and it is "those skill sets that were the final pieces to building this company!" Beginning in 2017, Jude being part of ACT will allow us the opportunity to build and present classroom style training on nearly any subject.

Jude not only owns JML Real Solutions, a very successful training company all on its own, but he is also partners in a successful automotive repair facility in the Seattle area allowing him to work on real world solutions for real world issues at the shop level! Between splitting his time with those ventures and The ACT Group's needs, it is hard to understand where he still finds the time to be a loving husband and father to four wonderful children; Jude assures us, he can! Jude understands the tremendous value of family and has managed to find the time to move forward without sacrificing anything... expect maybe some sleep!

Welcome aboard Jude Larson, hold on tight, this is going to be an exciting ride!


Dave Kusa | Automotive Coaching and Training

Dave Kusa, owner of Autotrend Diagnostics, has over 34 years of experience in the automotive service aftermarket. After graduating from De Anza College Automotive Technology Program in Cupertino, Ca in 1984 he began working as a Diagnostic Technician, Shop Foreman, and Service Advisor. Dave accepted a position at Autotrend Diagnostics in 2000, and became the shop owner in 2001. He, his wife Judy, and daughters Katie and Kristi, continue to run Autotrend as a family business.

After training with many of the best automotive business trainers, Dave hired Ray Kunz of the Automotive Coaching and Training Group to continue his education and move Autotrend Diagnostics to the next level. Dave is also very involved in the industry. He has worked with the Automotive Service Association (ASA) on the Mechanical Operations Committee, currently services as the chair of the Automotive Service Councils of California’s (ASCCA) Government Relations Committee and recently completed his term as the 2017 ASCCA State President.

Dave believes now, more than ever, industry involvement, ongoing technical, and shop management training and education are critical to the continued success and growth of anyone in the automotive aftermarket industry, especially now as automotive technology is changing at a rapid pace.

Dave's words to live by are “adapt or become obsolete”.

Bonnie ESTES

Bonnie | Automotive Coaching and Training

Bonnie’s love of cars developed when she started driving back in the 70’s. Little did she know years later she would marry her VW mechanic and end up drag racing a modified VW bug in the “Med Fly Nationals” at Sears Point Raceway, where she WON the women’s division.

In 1985 her husband and her bought an established Volkswagen Repair shop in San Rafael. In their first year of business they paid off their shop loans, a feat very few shop owners that we knew had ever been able to do. Vanguard Automotive Repair had quite the following, and business kept growing. Their specialty was VW & Audi but also included working on many Foreign and Domestic vehicles.

They had three amazing children who all grew up at the shop. Unfortunately, as seasons change so did her husband. After a devastating divorce and against all odds, she took over the shop full time. Her technician’s supported her and after interviewing other Automotive Coaching Groups, hired Ray Kunz to improve her shops operations. Working with her and her staff Ray taught them how to become more successful. “I did everything Ray told me to do with total trust and my shop became even more successful”. In the following years she became a California Green Certified Business, active in the community by joining the Chamber of Commerce, a BNI group member, and Marin Women At Work recipient. She also became the #1 Woman Owned Automotive Repair Business in Marin County. In April of 2018 she made the decision to retired as a shop owner. Not wanting to stop working completely and still having an agenda, Bonnie joined The ACT Group helping others become more successful with Ray, Rena and the Team of The ACT Group. In Bonnie's free time you’ll find her lap swimming, hiking, sewing, and spending time with her husband of 4 years and 8 grandkids. Life is good!!

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