Wants & Needs

Wants & Needs


One of Webster’s Dictionary’s primary definitions of “Want” is: to have a strong desire for

One of Webster’s Dictionary’s primary definitions of “Need” is: a condition requiring supply or relief

When a coach or trainer asks you for your Wants and Needs, what do you think they are looking for?  Let’s look at a few examples;

  • A “Want”—could be to achieve 1 million dollars in business this year!  But you only have 2 Techs and you as the Advisor.
  • The “Need”--for that goal would be to hire more staff to achieve your “Want”

So, what is the most important between “wants and needs”?  They are both not only important, they are vital to the success and growth of every business!  “Wants”, drive you to be better, to visualize something achievable or not, but require you to start “the process” in getting the “want”.  “Needs” on the other hand help to focus you more on what is achievable today or in the short term.

As coaches and trainers we see everyone’s numbers (as clients) and one thing that has always stuck out is that if there is a target “need” for break-even, the usual amount of money sold or made monthly hovers within 10%+- of that break-even number, and this causes us to ask how can that be?  For this answer take a second and go back to the top for the definitions of wants and needs.  A “Want is a strong desire, whereas a “Need is something required!  When I finally came to grips with that, it became very easy to understand.  In most cases Owners “want” bigger, better, more of, (fill in those blanks) and remember this is a “strong desire”, but when it comes to making payroll, paying vendors etc. this is “required” and in most cases is simply taken care of through the break-even written about earlier..

So now as coaches and trainers we are sometimes forced to try and fool the owners psyche in making them believe continued success is a “NEED” and not simply a” WANT”.  So we have them add “auto-deposit” accounts that force the owner to subconsciously think they are running low on money in the accounts because less of it is going into their normal operating accounts, and although simple in process this is very effective! 

My point here is just that in order for most to change they have to believe it is critical (required) that they do, and although there are many different ways to approach this, the same applies to our employees.  Make them believe that it is critical (required) and not just a strong desire for them to perform their jobs at the top of their game, every hour of every day!  Does this mean you should ride your employees continuously?  Short answer, NO, good employees will “take your lead” and make it happen while the other employees, well they should probably simply be replaced!

Although probably a topic for a future article, maybe I need to explain something here quickly, like, what do I mean by “take your lead”?  Remember that everything starts at the top and runs down!  This means that not only do owners have to practice what he/she preaches, everyone from that point on must, or they should be replaced!  Set examples for the employees under you at whatever position you hold, but if you are the owner you MUST be above reproach and practice what you preach.  If you’re in a bad mood and the underlying cause needs to be corrected before that will change, fix the underlying cause and then go back to work!  If, as the owner you see a manager in a bad, or worse, an indifferent mood, send them home until they have it rectified.  Most often, your employees look to management for moods and general feelings within the work environment, and when yours is bad, just watch how everything else fails behind you.

This started off as a “WANT / NEED” article and I’ll close with tying this together, if you “want” more, tell AND convince yourself it is a “need” and not simply a “want”.  If your employees feel that “need” as passed on by you, they will always get you closer to it. Finally make sure you share your “needs” with your Team because if they don’t know what those are, how can they help you achieve them??

The bottom line here is that if we focus on the “needs”, the “wants” come much easier. 

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