• The Power of a Review

    Friday 01 March 2019

    The Power of a Review…. OK, I’ll be honest; we may have almost gone too far pushing for reviews from our customers.  A good review can make us feel like heroes or at the same time a moment later, zeros.  After all, it is how people think or perceive us right?  So, how much power should customer reviews have? First we need to know where those reviews are going to be seen!  Are they going to our website, going to post to Facebook, or are they sim... read more

  • Do as I say, Not as I do!

    Friday 02 November 2018

    Ever hear the “Do as I say, Not as I Do” statement before?.........Think back!  For some, it may have been from your parents, for others, maybe a mentor that said it, or it may have been just last week at work!  Another related and similar statement to this statement is “saying one thing but doing the opposite”.  In this article, we will try and focus on the ramifications of these simple statements or actions, both professionally and personally. Let&rsquo... read more

  • I Figured Out The Problem, But It May Cost Me Thousands of Dollars?

    Monday 01 October 2018

    I Figured Out The Problem, But It May Cost Me Thousands of Dollars? The setup:  in a recent Facebook group we follow, there was a thread regarding a female staff member that was regularly forgetting to perform some of her daily tasks.  Based on the post, this staff member was a valued employee but this issue was causing major concerns about her future with management and the employer. The employer believes that he/she may have found the cause.  ... read more

  • “Sorry I broke the………?”

    Monday 03 September 2018

    “Sorry I broke the………?”   “Sorry, I broke the (insert whatever part here) when I was reassembling the engine”, transmission”, whatever they were working on.  This is where some “hidden” costs come from, those parts that are broken, not on purpose, not even always out of negligence, but parts that are, in fact broken during disassembly or reassembly.  Who pays for those parts?  Big or small the bu... read more

  • Setting Your Labor Rate via The Cost of Doing Business

    Friday 03 August 2018

    Setting Your Labor Rate via The Cost of Doing Business   Although this article is about setting your labor rate correctly, let’s first start with why you should…. If you originally set your labor rate based on what others in your area had theirs set at, raise your hand!  You are just like 95% of the businesses in the independent automotive industry.  You don’t want to be higher or lower for fear that custom... read more

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