Who Should Shop Meetings Really Benefit?

Who Should Shop Meetings

Really Benefit?

This article is about having shop meetings, but not for the reasons you may be thinking.

For a lot of shop owners, having regular scheduled shop meetings is something that can push us out of our “Comfort Zones”.

Either we;

  • Assume everyone knows everything they need to know….or should!
  • Haven’t ever had meetings and do not know how to use them to their benefit.
  • Are worried that there will be confrontation and that is something we just can’t deal with, or don’t want to deal with.
  • It becomes a complaint session

Get over it, this is part of business!

“So I’m going to listen to all the people (coaches, consultants, peers, etc) that have told me to be successful I need to have regular scheduled meetings”. “Here I go, I’ve scheduled a meeting and invited everyone involved; Service Advisors, Technicians and Managers, ……now I’m a leader”?! Maybe, maybe not, unless and until you start to think more globally you may lead your employees, but will you lead your customers to your door?

When the day of the meeting comes, we will all sit around the conference table discussing processes/ procedures, concerns, goals, current numbers, etc. with all the departments involved except for one. This is one department that is never at the meeting and is THE most important one. And this department is the only department that really counts in the big picture. Before you get to far ahead here, let’s make sure that everyone knows, this isn’t really about “the meeting”! So, why are you reading about a meeting that isn’t about a meeting? Because this article is about who the meetings are, or should be for!

This mystery department, the one that is never invited to Company, Staff, or Management Meetings, or any meetings for that matter is; theCustomer… The real reason we are in business is to serve the customer. So, you say, “the customer doesn’t belong in our shop meetings” well, you’re correct they don’t… physically, but they MUST be in everyone’s thought processes when making facility decisions. Every policy or procedure requires a thought process that revolves around whether it will benefit the customer!

So now, ask yourself;

  • Does it really matter how our new process affects the Technicians?
  • Does it really matter if the new process causes the office staff to change or perform a new process?
  • Does it really matter if there needs to be a step added to the work flow?

The simple answer to these questions is NO….Not one darn bit.

Almost every decision that is made in your business affects the customers! Accordingly, virtually every decision made should be based on how it will affect the customer! Although it is important how it affects the technicians, sales or management departments, unless it is good for your customer, none of it really matters in the long run. Simple rule; If it is good for the customer it is probably good for the business.

So, as we have these meeting, make sure that everyone is always thinking about how each topic of discussion and outcome is based on how it will affect the customers. Will the customers like the end result? Will it show them a benefit? Is it going to make the customers experience easier/better? If the answer is not “yes, absolutely”, you may need to rethink the outcome.

Key Point—Always make sure the customers are present at your meetings….just not physically.