Being a “YES” Shop or Facility

What does it mean? Simply stated, it means that if a customer calls on a Friday afternoon at 4:00 and asks for an oil change, you say, “certainly, let’s get it here and we’ll take care of it”. Or a customer calls mid-week around 3:00 asking for a brake job and an oil change, “bring it down and let’s get started”. Yes, there needs to be additional conversation after that building a relationship if it is a new customer, but these are just a few types of responses that could be considered “YES” responses.

What they leave the caller with is a positive feeling and a happy subconscious thought about us because it was a positive response. The polar opposite to these customer questions would be something like, “this late on a Friday afternoon…….well……no……I just can’t get to it this late”, or “NO, we won’t be able to finish brakes and an oil change by the end of the day”. See any difference? Even if we couldn’t get the car done, the statement of “bring it down and let’s get started,” is that of a positive response! Whether or not it will get done may be still in question, but think about how much happier the customer will be with the yes response and more likely to be OK with it not being done.

As human beings we all want positive responses to our questions. In order for us to think positively about a facility, store or location we need to know they are willing to do what it takes to help us with our needs. And most things being equal, customer service, or the customer experience is the biggest difference between us. So let’s make it a positive one!!

Let’s say a first time customer calls in and asks the above mentioned oil change questions. If they hear “NO” that sticks in their subconscious and associates a negative response with the name of your business. The likelihood of that potential customer giving you another chance ever, seriously diminishes. However, a “YES” response regardless of how it is said will remain there as well, and the next time they need something for their vehicle, your name will come up in their heads much quicker.

What about a long term customer? How many times can he / she hear “NO” before they start to remember that answer every time they need their vehicle worked on? Again, this is from the subconscious and that is something that is almost impossible to change once it is etched there. Even with “deal” coupons you may not ever get past the “NO” stigma you created while simply trying not to “bury” the facility with too much work! Conversely, making sure that you say YES often, etches that into their subconscious the very same way. So what do you want to be thought of as? Are you a positive response facility, a “YES Shop”, or not? I do understand that this type of “YES” process can bury your facility and if you are not prepared this too could be harmful to business. But the alternative is not being busy, which issue to you want to deal with?

How are you going to monitor how well you or your Service staff is doing? There are a couple ways but, of them the best way is to monitor & listen to phone calls. This simple tool can have some of the most profound results ANY facility will ever see. By simply telling your staff that calls are being recorded and listened to by you the owner or manager, calls will be handled better. But, by using them as a training tool and instead of simply criticizing the calls, we took the time to work with staff to help make them better, everyone wins. Trust me, as service staff listens to their own calls, customer satisfaction will improve, now throw in the fact that others are going to hear them as well and calls will get even better!

Set your mind to what you want, have a meeting with your staff and roll out the plan. Ask for their help in tolerance with possible late drop-ins, but them give them the results as to how many more hours that we may have billed “trying this new idea”. Remembering all the while that positive thought and words bring with them positive results, and negative thought and words…….well by now you’re starting to see a picture here. This works, we’ve been using this YES method with most every one of our facilities and have seen far better than average results. Don’t be the last one on the street to try this process, don’t be left out!