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“Sorry I broke the………?”

“Sorry I broke the………?”   “Sorry, I broke the (insert whatever part here) when I was reassembling the engine”, transmission”, whatever they were working on.  This is where some “hidden” costs come from, those parts that are broken, not on purpose, not even always out of negligence, but parts that are, in fact broken during disassembly or reassembly.  Who pays for those parts?  Big or small the business usually pays because in most States it is illegal to take the money from the employees check.  So how does the business make up for these losses?  Generally they don’t, “it is part of doing business” is the usual statement followed by, “I sure hope it doesn’t cost too much”.   Whether it does or doesn’t cost a lot is irrelevant because it must get replaced, again, usually at the businesses expense. So where does the business ... read more