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So, let me ask you a question, do you believe that if you perform business both morally and ethically everything will be OK?  Sure, you also need to make a reasonable profit, have a great crew, have a good reputation but then everything will be OK, right?  Well, occasionally it takes more, much more! Have you ever brought a vehicle into your facility for electrical issues for what you expected to be a starting or charging system issue, it gets late and you realize you have to keep it overnight to figure out what was wrong?  Most of you have at one point or another, “this is part of business” you say, and, you’d be correct.  But what happens if that electrical issue causes a fire, and to make it worse, everyone has gone home for the day and nobody is there to notice?  Could that happen…… “no, not to you” because those things only happen to the bad shops?  This article is about the FACT that this can and does happ ... read more