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Increasing Your Shops Productivity, Easily!!

Increasing Your Shops Productivity, Easily!! Before we get started, let me just state this up front: “this is only one of many ways to increase productivity”!  The reason I picked this one is because it is one of the easiest ways I know that has the most significant gains of anything else you can do.  It doesn’t affect customer costs or sales, so nothing has to be done regarding any more sales or G/P adjustments, If there is anything that might have to be done differently, it is to spend a little time watching parts IN / OUT and Getting Credit for them. Now that we have your attention, let’s write / read about your parts vendors for a minute.  Do you spread your purchasing dollars around, a little to everyone, or do you use a couple of primary suppliers of aftermarket (non-dealer) parts?  As I’m sure you want and like your customers to be loyal, your parts suppliers also look for, LOYALTY!  So try and keep parts ... read more