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Take Time Off…… or Bad Things Can Happen!!!

Easy to say, easier to preach, but to do it requires a discipline most owners don’t possess.  Most great owners and managers (the ones I work with) are some of the best at making sure their employees are taken care of, my Team included!  What makes them great with their employees is that they truly care about them and as such they encourage weekends away and full on vacations, “down time”!   And the “day here, day there” use of vacations does not really work for this type of time off!  They may not realize it as they work on their employees to take this time off, but they/we ALL need this time to recharge, rejuvenate and let our bodies rest. That being said, this is not about anyone’s employees, this is about the owners and managers who, not through any real fault of their own, but instead because they have what I call the “owner/manager gene” which causes them/us to think about everyone else before them/ourselves. &n ... read more