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Not My Monkey, Not My Circus

Almost every day I hear a story of a real world event called taking ownership.  Now although there are many different things spoken about when this is the subject line, they all center around one basic concept, that we somehow are or are not responsible for other people’s issues.  For the purposes of this article we are only going to cover why we (shop Owners/Managers) take responsibility or ownership for our customer’s vehicles issue. Where is this coming from you ask?  How many of you have lost sleep and eventually money for sympathizing with your customer instead of empathizing with them?  What’s the difference you ask?  The Free Dictionary by Farlex states: sympathize with - share the suffering of, or feel sorry for someone. To feel sympathy for someone because they are in a difficult or unpleasant situation.  Whereas, empathize with - to have an understanding about the way someone feels; to feel emotional pain with someone elicits v ... read more