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This is Real!!

This is Real!! Have you ever heard the statement, “you’ve run out of customer base”?  It is a real phenomenon!  The end result is almost the same every time, business is great 1 week and then it drops off by as much as 50% or more, seemingly overnight!  To understand what causes this to happen we have to look at one VERY important issue first!  That issue is caused by a failure in measuring your New to Total customer numbers!  See what I said there, “measure” because unless or until you know that number, you could end up with a “Shop Closed” sign in your front window and never know why this happened.  Sure, you’ll justify it somehow, but it happens so quickly that most don’t see it coming in time to stop it from happening. The primary issue in this phenomenon is the lack of measuring, or understanding why you should measure it!  Did you know that we statistically lose 30% of our ... read more