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The "WOW" Factor Mystery - Part 2

The “WOW” Factor Mystery (part 2)   Turning my attention back to the Service Advisor, he finished his factory recommends checklist and asked if I thought the air filter should be changed?  I responded with, “is it dirty?”, at that point he picked it up off the counter and said, “just a little” (I never saw them bring it up, again, it kind of just appeared).  I said no and he handed it to a Technician outside the office to reinstall.  With that said, he asked if I would like any water or coffee and pointed to their little convenience bar with bottled water and fresh coffee, then said it would be about another 6 minutes until they were finished.  This was a 5-8 minute process to this point!  I watched carefully as the Technicians worked on my vehicle and what I saw was; properly trained Technicians doing a great job on my vehicle.  When the service was competed, I watched them park the vehicle out ... read more