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The Power of Kudos' or At-A-Boys

Maybe you started out as a one man operation, as a lot of us did.  But then you started getting behind….further and further until you decided you needed to hire someone to help with the day-to-day operations.  Whether that person or persons were hired as Technicians, Service Writers, or Shop Helpers, in almost every case we needed someone else to help us grow our business.  This article is about them, those individuals we call, employees! As a former employee as many of you have been, most of us were dedicated to the owner and the business.  For the purposes of this article, these are the employees we will be talking about.  Certainly there are those employees who jump from shop to shop, job to job simply looking for the next best thing.  We all have or currently know these types, but this really isn’t about them.  This is about the employees who care, who show an interest in the business and are with us for more than a simple place to b ... read more