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Management 101 or Respect/Intimidation & Fear?

Management 101 or Respect / Intimidation & Fear?   The following are my thoughts on a management “style” that seems to be finding its way back into many automotive facilities across the country.  It is probably being seen in other businesses as well, but for this article we are going to focus on what I have seen in our industry, the Automotive World! Now, to be fair before I start here I do need to point out that this intimidation or fear style of management does occur a LOT more as the temperature warms up!  I get it, this is hard work, both physically and mentally and when it is hot outside, it seems it is even harder. So, as an employee, what affects you more and puts you in “the mood” to work?  Someone yelling at you, threatening you, or simply screaming because he/she needs to get something fixed, changed or corrected?  Or someone who comes to you and asks, “what can we do to correct ... read more