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Tracking Your Marketing

Tracking Your MarketingYou Know Those Numbers Right?   This was a question I asked one of my clients the other day, and his answer shocked me, “NO”!!  Let me start a little earlier so that you can understand my shock a little.  The original question was, “which marketing is giving you the best return?”, and the client answered, “I don’t know”.  This is what this article is about, tracking your marketing, should you or shouldn’t you?? The short answer is a resounding, ABSOLUTELY!!  How will you know what worked and what didn’t?  And just for the record just because a lot of vehicles came in off one particular type doesn’t necessarily mean it worked!  You see just getting more people in the door isn’t always the answer.  Sure it may fix what you consider to be a low Car Count (CC) issue, but is that a temporary fix or long term ... read more