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It Happens

It Happens So, it could never happen to you…….you take care of yourself, you eat right, you exercise, basically you do everything you should to live a long life.  GREAT JOB!  This isn’t about the things that you can do to live long, this is about what happens when something unexpected goes wrong…….like an accident!  Are you and your business prepared to not work for a month, two, maybe more?  And if you are self-employed like so many of us entrepreneurs are, where is the money going to come from if you are out for a while? This article is about that, the unexpected, the accident, the unwelcomed mishap.  Remember, bad things happen to good people every day, and most of them probably had nothing to do with you or what you did other than, “wrong place at the wrong time”.  It can happen to anyone, at any time and if you think about it hard enough has probably happened to someone you know.  T ... read more