Monthly Archives: January 2018

A New Year

A New Year “Out with the old and in with the new” is but just one of the sayings that go around the beginning of every year when people speak of The New Year!  This article is about just that, changing the old and trying the new. Interested?  For the purposes of this article I will be referring to the Independent Automotive Repair business, but this applies to all business, big or small!  This is about changing with the times, growing any business and getting more: time, money, freedom (you pick).  So, let’s take a moment and look at each one of these items and how they may/do affect business….. your business! Changing with the times!  Do you do business as you did 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even last year?  If you have seen any growth in your business the answer is probably a resounding “NO” followed by how could you?  And although there may be MANY reasons, one of the biggest and most trendin ... read more





The Fear of NO!

The Fear of NO! Have you ever had a customer come back to you claiming that ”you just worked on that and it is still; leaking, CEL is on again, it’s still running bad….you name it”?  Come on, this has happened to you; I know it has because it has happened to everyone! So, what do you think is the most common cause of any of the above mentioned statements?  The answer may be as simple as this; we repaired/replaced the failed component, and did not repair/replace the system that the component is related to.  The underlying cause for incomplete repair/replacement of the actual system may not be as simple to understand, the fear of rejection. Let’s start with repair/replacement of components.  This most commonly occurs because we overlook the root cause of the component that failed.  For the best and easiest to understand example, let’s look at a leaking water pump (leaking from the vent hole).  OK, the ... read more