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A Successful Partnership?!

A Successful Partnership?! So, when was the last time you heard about a truly successful partnership?  We all know (currently or in the past) somebody that was in a bad experience with a partnership, right?  And if you ask most people, you’ll probably hear, “there are no good partnerships”!  However I believe there are good partnerships, and let me tell you about a recent experience I had with a good client of mine. We were talking about the relationships between coaches or trainers with their clients; when do you know it’s time to end the relationship or should it be continued as long as possible, was the topic of discussion?  This came up because he was discussing what was next with one of my associate coaches, and so I asked him how the conversation went.  His response was unique, at least to me at this point in my 15 year career in that I had never heard anyone look at the relationship between a coach or trainer an ... read more