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Setting Your Labor Rate via The Cost of Doing Business

Setting Your Labor RateviaThe Cost of Doing Business   Although this article is about setting your labor rate correctly, let’s first start with why you should…. If you originally set your labor rate based on what others in your area had theirs set at, raise your hand!  You are just like 95% of the businesses in the independent automotive industry.  You don’t want to be higher or lower for fear that customers won’t come to you or you won’t make enough money to keep your doors open.  Congratulations, you are human and truly believe that your labor rate drives either one of these scenarios.  So, let me pose this question, do you believe that most people buy/purchase based on the lowest dollar amount charged?  Short answer……NO!  Let me explain, as a general rule (write this down and believe it) “People Buy People, NOT Price”!  In the se ... read more