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The "WOW" Factor Mystery

The “WOW” Factor Mystery   I know you’ve all heard of the “WOW” factor or effect, I have too, but I had never before tried to put it into some quantifiable understanding.  That’s what this article is about.  The “WOW” factor is a REAL phenomenon that too many of us forget about when it comes to our businesses.  So, what is the “WOW” factor, and how does it relate to our industry specifically? Is it greeting your customers at their car door with a smile and handshake?  Maybe, possibly, could be. Is it repairing their vehicle completely, correctly, the first time, on time, delivered clean with NO fingerprints and within the last estimate you quoted them? NO!  That is expected, is exactly what everyone else is doing, and if you’re not, maybe you need to rethink your career choice or business plan.  The customer believes this is always going to happe ... read more