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So, where do we start?

Getting started with the Automotive Coaching and Training Group is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Let’s think!

Decide you want to better your business, AND you’re OK putting in the extra effort that comes with bettering your business! Please remember that more business isn’t going to just happen, it will take some work, how much and how hard is completely dependent on how much change (i.e. MONEY) you want!

2. Let’s summarize!

Fill out our simple questionnaire so that we can determine where your current business is (a baseline).

3. Let’s meet!

Set up an appointment after we have crunched your numbers from the questionnaire noted in step 2.



Read the amazing success stories of our clients

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“I've had the pleasure of working with Ray Kunz for over 20 years. He is a consummate professional in an industry that needs more people with Ray's talents, skills and dedication to excellence. If you are tired of working in your business and want to learn how to work on your business and take it to next level, contact Ray and let him help.”
Kevin Donohoe, CEO, Pacific Motor Service, Monterey Ca
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Thank you Ray Kunz, for all the knowledge you have ingrained in our shop. Even the best in the world have coaches, and you have been able to master the field in this area. Changes are difficult, however in order to win they must be made.
Ken Jr. with Solano Way Auto Repair
DK logo
Ray has turned out to be a great asset to my business. We were not a struggling business, but he was able to find ways to improve all of our performance indicators. This left me with a better bottom line, and more free time for other interests. His no nonsense, hold your feet to the fire, approach to business consulting, has proven itself with me. Every automotive business needs a brilliant mind looking at their business from a different perspective. You can’t go wrong.
Douglas Henry, D&K Automotive Repair, Inc.
Metro logo
I would wholeheartedly recommend Ray Kunz to you to coach you through the challenges and pitfalls of your business journey! Ray is a straightforward, no bull coach who pushes me when I need to be pushed. He does a great job of holding me accountable and is my constant reminder when I do not come through. I appreciate his style of toughness but with the right amount of understanding. He will get the job done! Thanks Ray!
Michael E. Sides, Metro Transmissions, Inc.
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I have been working with Ray and RK Enterprises for 18 months. With Ray's help and guidance we have increased gross sales and profit, but more importantly net profit has greatly improved, to the point that we are ready to move to the next level and hire an advisor. I highly recommend RK Enterprises.
Dave Kusa Owner, Autotrend Diagnostic
Sttauber Investments logo
Ray has added to my business with his experience. Going over my business on a monthly visit. Ray is very easy to talk to and will give you very honest answers that you may need to hear with great suggestion. He is definitely a numbers guy with a personality that is helpful.
Michael S. Stauber, Stauber Investments, Inc.
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I called Ray when he was working with ESI a couple of years ago when my business had stagnated and he came up with two answers for me that worked miracles. Highly recommended.
Bruce Ackerman
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"Working with Ray is always a pleasurable experience. He is always attentive to not just the needs of your business but your personnel as well. Ray's unique teaching styles force you to constantly keep your eye on the prize in a positive yet firm manner giving constructive criticism in new innovative ways that work for you. We continue to see progress and growth in our business and daily duties. We can always look forward to the Friday phone calls."
Mark Goldsmith
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Ray Kunz We have been working with Ray for several years and I consider him my personal consultant for everything businesswise. He has helped me with a wide variety of things including job descriptions for employees, issues with them and and what is the best way to pay different employees. He provides forms utilized in different aspects of our business as well. He has given us a spreadsheet that weekly compiles our sales so we can see at a glance what we are doing right, or not. It calculates sales profits, number of customers, average RO etc, and shows us where we are to hit our goals, % wise as well as dollars. We have also discussed customer reviews & how to respond, leads, marketing, etc. He reviews our website leads for our discussion and discusses with certain vendors about what they are doing for us as well. As you can see Ray is my go to guy for everything in our business, and quite frankly is just there to listen when I need to vent. Any way he can assist our business, he is there. If you utilize the tools that Ray provides, you can make a huge difference in your business. The onus is on you to do it, but he will be there to guide you and tell you what you need to improve.
Sue & Kent Nicholson, Cottman Transmission-Marietta, Georgia
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"Ray came to us highly recommended by two other successful shop owners we know who have been using him for years. Ray helps keep us on track and focused on the important numbers. When things aren't optimal he helps us identify what the causes are and maps out a plan to get us where we need to be. He is able to coach and interact with all the staff which helps keep us all accountable for our success. He implemented very well thought out pay plan for us that is working out great. Since being with Ray we have had seen a 15% growth in total sales, but whats amazing is our bottom line has doubled! Things are flowing better and everyone is making more money. It is invaluable to have a true industry expert with years of experience helping you achieve your potential. Choosing Ray could be the single best thing you ever do for your business."
Charlie Marlow, Marlow Mercedes-Werks / Owner / Master Guild Technician
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Ray was a calming influence after the sudden loss of our husband-father shop owner. While others urged us to sell, Ray was encouraging, focusing on our strengths as well as the strengths of our employees, and giving us the confidence we needed to run the business on our own. We continue to value Ray's knowledge of the auto repair business, his awareness of current trends, and his objectivity in scrutinizing our progress. His friendly yet firm approach has kept us on target to grow and to maximize profits while continuing to provide excellent caring service to our customers.
Sonya and Kurt Meissner, Meissner Automotive, Inc.

About Us

About the Automotive Coaching & Training (ACT) Group

ACT was conceived and developed by Ray Kunz Enterprises, LLC. Ray has professionally coached & trained automotive facility Owners, Managers and Service Advisors alike for over 20 years! It is through this understanding of the automotive industry as well as his dedication to making the industry a better place to work and make a living, that the ACT Group was formed.

The ACT Group is a company built on the experiences of many years in nothing but the automotive field. In fact, most of the ACT Group coaches are specifically automotive trained and have come up through the ranks as Technicians, Service Writers, Managers, General Managers and Owners of automotive facilities. It is through those experiences as well as the experiences working in literally hundreds of facilities across the country that we provide a useful, current and relevant skill set to move your business forward.

The ACT Groups primary focuses are with the coaching and training of the Service staff, Owners and Managers both individually or as a Team! We work with Service Advisors to become better communicators while building lasting relationships with their customers. It is within the relationships that trust is built and as such sales become easier! We work with the Owners and Managers to understand numbers, where those numbers should be as well as better communications within the business (the employees)!

Whether we are training via phone, webinar or in-person we have programs to fit your needs! And because we believe that if we are doing our job you will want to stay, there are NO CONTRACTS! Collectively we are able to build a more cohesive business that sells and retains more money while delivering a better customer experience every time!

Ray Kunz - Owner | Automotive Coaching and Training

Whether it is Owner, Manager, group or individual Service Advisor training the ACT Group is laser focused on you achieving your goals because we are “Committed to your Success”.

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It is our mission to interactively enhance cutting-edge “outside the box” thinking so that we can deliver the kind of results to the bottom line that our clients expect and deserve!

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