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    Thursday 03 May 2018

    BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE Part 2 This is the continuation story I promised when I wrote the original “Bad Things Happen To Good People” and although this story will continue on for years, this is the part where it starts getting better…. let’s recap: One of the facilities I coach and train with recently brought a car into the shop for a starting issue that had yet to be diagnosed or inspected for the cause of the customer complaint and as t... read more

  • Change is Coming

    Monday 05 February 2018

    This blog isn't about the Hybrid I just bought, but instead how shops MUST change their current thought processes towards more education to embrace these vehicles or end up closing their doors.    First a little back ground; my recently departed vehicle had just shy of 300,000.00 miles and although still running like a top I was really starting to get worried about its future reliability @ that mileage.  One day I was scanning Facebook and I saw an Internet ad for the end of t... read more

  • A New Year

    Monday 08 January 2018

    A New Year “Out with the old and in with the new” is but just one of the sayings that go around the beginning of every year when people speak of The New Year!  This article is about just that, changing the old and trying the new. Interested?  For the purposes of this article I will be referring to the Independent Automotive Repair business, but this applies to all business, big or small!  This is about changing with the times, growing any business and getting more: ti... read more

  • The Advantages to Your Silent Salesman

    Tuesday 15 November 2016

    The Advantages to Your Silent Salesman As automotive professionals we all understand that maintaining a vehicle is the most important part of its ownership. Maintaining a vehicle is the single biggest way to protect the investment available. We also know that it is the most forgotten item from the customers stand point, and is usually the last thing they want to buy. Since there is always so much pushback in maintaining their vehicle because they don’t see the value we thou... read more

  • That Won’t Work Here!

    Friday 14 October 2016

    That Won’t Work Here! You know the old saying, “if I had a dime for every time I heard that”? Well, I’m here to tell you, we’d be RICH!! And the almost funny part is that we could have retired early, and been sitting on a beach right now if we had that dime every time we heard, “that won’t work here”! So, “it” won’t work? Ideas, thoughts and proven methods have worked in countless numbers of other facilities around the co... read more

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