• Check-In Sheets & Your Business

    Tuesday 15 March 2016

    You use inspections sheets, right? You know the sheets for; checking starting and charging systems, cooling / brake/suspension system inspections, Preventive Maintenance Inspections…the lists although not endless, should be very long. This blog is NOT about those! This blog is instead about the “Check-In” inspection sheets that very few use and even fewer use properly. What are these valuable inspections sheets? These are the “drivability” check-in sheets t... read more

  • Who’s going to pay for that!

    Monday 15 February 2016

    “Sorry, I broke the (insert whatever part here) when I was working on the engine, transmission, dash” or whatever they were working on. This is where some “hidden” costs come from, those parts that are broken, not on purpose, not even out of negligence, but parts that are, in fact broken during disassemble or reassembly. Who pays for those parts? Big or small the business usually pays because in most States it is illegal to take the money from the employees check to pay f... read more

  • Being a “YES” Shop or Facility

    Friday 15 January 2016

    What does it mean? Simply stated, it means that if a customer calls on a Friday afternoon at 4:00 and asks for an oil change, you say, “certainly, let’s get it here and we’ll take care of it”. Or a customer calls mid-week around 3:00 asking for a brake job and an oil change, “bring it down and let’s get started”. Yes, there needs to be additional conversation after that building a relationship if it is a new customer, but these are just a few types of re... read more

  • Marketing for the New Millenium - "If it worked yesterday, it should work tomorrow, right?"

    Tuesday 22 December 2015

    Marketing for the New Millennium “If it worked yesterday it should work tomorrow, right?” If there is one thing that we do know, it’s that just because it worked yesterday doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow. So with so many mediums to choose from; Internet, Direct Mail, TV, Radio, Reputational, Phone, Text….well the list goes on and on, how do you choose? The choice sometimes boils down to simple basics, the area demographics, but most often it is not that simpl... read more

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