Jennifer Filzen - an accomplished singer/songwriter, author and marketer

Jennifer Filzen is an accomplished singer/songwriter, author and marketer from Monterey, California. She is the owner of Rock Star Marketing, and she has built a solid base of long-term clients from a variety of industries. As a social media and SEO content maven, she has dedicated her life to helping business owners grow their client base, and has written for many auto repair services across the nation. Her writing style excels at capturing the "voice" of each company, which helps each webpage connect and resonate with its targeted audience. If you want someone who is competent, easy to work with, reliable, and affordable, let Ray Kunz know and he will put you in touch with Jennifer.

Instructional Data Coordinator

Raegan Fierro - Instructional Data Coordinator

Although just reading about Raegan now, she has actually been with The Automotive Coaching and Training (ACT) Group working diligently behind the scenes almost since conception. She handle’s a lot of our vital time consuming projects like listening to and analyzing most of our recorded calls and then summarizing those for our coaches & trainers, as well as taking care most of our call analysis products and projects.

Raegan’s background in the automotive industry is extensive and started very young working with her father as he has worked within this industry for decades. Through his initial guidance she worked in almost every facet of the industry from Service, to Parts, to Admin and Sales. It is through her well rounded understanding of the industry that she has achieved the expertise in the fields she specializes in for us!

As a mother and wife of a military serviceman and in between her projects for The ACT Group, Raegan also enjoys working on home improvement projects and sewing for fun!